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Psychologist busts TikTok ‘green line’ relationship theory

Social media is trying to prove a new way of testing the health of a relationship, but psychologists say there’s no validity to it.

Several months ago, TikTokers started promoting a theory that you could tell if a hetero relationship would last by drawing a green line over a posed picture of a couple.

In a nutshell, the theory goes: neither partner leaning means a long-lasting relationship; a woman leaning in means sometimes a lasting relationship, and a man leaning in means the relationship is doomed.

The green line test was coined by a Twitter account named @alpharivelino — which should tell you everything you need to know about the “theory.”

TikToker @Jackmacbarstool explains how the 'green light test' works on relationships.
The “green line theory” has gone viral on TikTok.

But instead of being laughed at and ignored, more and more TikTok videos testing the theory are popping up on my For You page and I need it to stop.

So I called in a qualified psychologist with a degree, training, and knowledge, instead of relying on strangers on the internet who call themselves “alpha.”

“There’s no validity to it at all,” said Lysn psychologist Nancy Sokarno.

Psychologist Nacy Sokarno shares thoughts on debunking the green line method.
Psychologist Nancy Sokarno has debunked the “green line theory.”

“I really don’t think photos can tell much at all about a relationship,” said Sokarno. “I know the theory is based on body language cues but we have to bear in mind that there are so many other factors to consider.”

“For example, if the photo is for paparazzi, do they feel comfortable posing for that photo? Or are they standing in front of a big group of people, are people filming the interaction, etc.,” Sokarno said.

So not only is the green line test busted, but Sokarno also says that generally body language “shouldn’t be the determining factor as to deciding whether a relationship is good or bad.”

“Ultimately it comes down to how you treat each other. Factors like how you support each other emotionally, how you converse, how you resolve disagreements etc are way more important than a person’s body language,” she said.

“Obviously a level of physicality does come into play in a relationship. For example, if a person is closed off physically it is going to have an impact on the relationship, but body language overall shouldn’t be the determining factor.”

The Twitter account that originally spouted this sexist drivel has zero credibility, given it has also shared such wisdom as “The definition of a sl-t: she can’t remember all the c–ks she has sucked,” “the tighter her clothes the looser her p–y” and “At their basest, women are cruel, petty & vindictive.”

Yet the same person saying all these things also tweeted that “finding love gets harder the older you get.” Not hard to see why in their case.

Psychologist Nancy Sokarno explains a relationship is more than just body language.
@jackmacbarstool on TikTok also went through videos discussing the relationship theory.

Users of the green line rule also love to post a photo of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson where he is clearly the one leaning in to prove that they were always going to break up. However old mate Rivelino also features a photo of Michelle and Barack Obama where he’s leaning in — I think we can all agree they’re an incredibly solid couple.

TikToker @jackmacbarstool further explained the green line with several videos on the theory, but even his own followers seemed to turn against the Barstool Sports writer.

Several pointed out that “you do clearly draw the lines more favorably when it supports your point.”

Many others dismissed it as a serious reach, as people in love often lean in toward each other, and sometimes it’s necessary for the taller person to lean in.

“*shows 8-foot tall man leaning over to kiss someone much shorter than him* ‘SEE GUYS LOOK HE’S LEANING IN!!!’” one commenter said.

In short, don’t take relationship advice from random, sad singles on the internet.

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