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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Episode 13 Recap: Who Went Home Week 8, Part 1? Who Joined The Cast?

Warning: Spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 13 ahead.

After a brief hiatus, Bachelor in Paradise is back. And unfortunately, so are the love triangles.

Season 8, Episode 13 showed the intense aftermath of Rodney’s heartbreak, revealed whether Eliza and Justin lived happily ever after in Maryland, and brought three — yes THREE! — new women to the beach. Well, technically five if you count former Bachelorette leads Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey, who dropped in during the episode’s final minutes. But we’ll wait until the next episode to unpack those cameos.

Looking for a recap of Bachelor in Paradise Week 8, Part 1? Wondering who joined the cast in Season 8, Episode 13? Who snagged a date card? And who’s coupled up ahead of the next episode? We’ve got you covered. But be warned, spoilers for Bachelor in Paradise Episode 13 are ahead.

Are Justin and Eliza together after Bachelor in Paradise?

First things first. Let’s address the elephant on the beach. Everyone’s down because Rodney got his heart broken by Eliza, who also left Paradise to fly to Baltimore, Maryland and try to win Justin back after sending him home at the rose ceremony. Many wondered if Justin and Eliza were together after Bachelor in Paradise, and Reality Steve shared his rumors ahead of tonight’s episode, but now we finally know the truth.

When we last left Eliza, she hopped off the plane in Baltimore, Maryland, and knocked on Justin’s door. “I wouldn’t do this for just anyone,” she said, hoping the two would pick up right where they left off, but things didn’t go as smoothly as planned. Justin answered the door with a big old “What?” He finally said hi, let her in, and they shared a hug. “I’m like completely caught off guard. It’s like I’m seeing a ghost,” he told cameras. “I mean I was happy to see her, but I’m just like utterly confused.”

Before Justin could get a word out, Eliza told him she wanted to make her peace. She explained that everything changed for her when he arrived at the beach, and the second he left she knew she’d made the wrong decision. “I think I let all the outside pressure, and everyone’s opinions, and what I felt like everyone wanted me to decide factor into my decision that night. I was so stressed out, so confused. And I don’t think I realized it until you were gone…that I made the wrong choice,” she said. “So I break things off with Rodney the next morning…In the end I finally went after what I wanted and that’s you.”

Eliza and Justin on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 8
Photo: ABC

The entire time Eliza was speaking, Justin looked stressed as hell. He told her he hadn’t even unpacked his Paradise bags yet, and asked for a second to process everything. “First, thank you for coming. I know obviously you went through a lot, and I know how hard of a position you were in in the moment and I know all the pressures,” he began. Then he got real, even though it wasn’t what Eliza wanted to hear.

“You said something to Rodney that you deserve someone who’s going to choose you first without hesitation, right? And that’s exactly how I feel right now. I just want someone who is so sure about me and who is gonna choose me without hesitation and like that’s not what happened. You chose Rodney. That shit hurts, you know?” Justin said. “I know it’s taking you a lot to have that conversation with him and come all the way here, and I don’t take that for granted, it’s just like, why did it have to get to that point? I was right there for you.”

Eliza heard him out and understood where he was coming from, but reminded cameras that she’d only know him for THREE DAYS on the show, so making the grand gesture to fly across the country to pour her heart out and ask for another chance at love was no small feat. Still, Justin chose himself, and Eliza walked away from his apartment alone. Though more may have gone down between the two post-filming, as of Episode 13, it seems Justin and Eliza did not end up together after Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise Week 8, Part 1: Who joined the cast in Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 13? Who Went On a Date?

Aside from Gabby and Rachel rolling in at the end of the episode, THREE new women — all from Clayton’s season of The Bachelor — arrived on the beach in Season 8, Episode 13.

The first new contestant was 33-year-old Mara Agraot aka “Mara-nara,” as in the sauce. (Maybe she belongs with Pizza Pete.) She loves tequila, says things like “it’s about to get spicy up in here,” and is saucy as hell. After chatting with Andrew, Mara asked Justin out on a date — who, as you may recall, was dating Florence. Justin accepted and the two went on a cooking date to make churros. No, wait. They made each other into churros. Mara and Justin slathered each other in butter, sugar, chocolate sauce, and powdered sugar. Then they had a makeout sesh, but after the date, Justin told Mara he still wanted to pursue Flo.

Mara on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

The second newbie on the beach was 29-year-old Ency Abedin. When she arrived she made a beeline for Andrew, who was excited to see her and even revealed he knew a bit about her already. She asked him on a date, he accepted, and they spent the day together playing beach games, eating some food (oysters), swimming, and kissing. When the two returned to the beach, Andrew asked Jessenia to talk and broke up with her to explore his feelings for Ency.

Ency on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

The final arrival was 28-year-old Lyndsey Windham, who had a rough (and very short) stay in Paradise. After asking Logan on a date, he said he had to talk to Kate before he accepted, and Kate told him not to go. Logan was torn, but ultimately decided it was too late in the game to explore new connections, so he politely decline the invite. Instead of asking someone else, Lyndsey said she didn’t feel like her person was in Paradise and headed back home. Which brings us to…

Lyndsey on 'Bachelor in Paradise'
Photo: ABC

Who went home on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 13?

Who went home? Well, just Lyndsey this episode. But Florence wanted to leave and even started packing after Justin went on a date with Mara and ignored her the entire day. She told him she didn’t want to be an option, and wanted someone who was sure about getting to know her. So Justin stepped up and told Mara he only wanted to pursue a connection with Flo, and she decided to stick around.

Who Ends Up Together in Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, Episode 13?

By the end of Episode 13, the fate of several couples is up in the air. At the start of Week 8, here’s the status of the strongest couples on the show:

  • Brandon and Serene (Status: Never Leave Each Other)
  • Danielle and Michael (Status: Two Dates Strong)
  • Victoria and Johnny (Status: Really Like Each Other)
  • Tyler and Brittany (Status: Hot And Unbothered)
  • Genevieve and Aaron (Status: Officially In Love)
  • Andrew and Ency (Status: Potential)
  • Shanae and Joey (Status: Potential)
  • Florence and Justin  (Status: Reunited)
  • Kate and Logan (Status: Barely Hanging On)

New episodes of Bachelor in Paradise air on ABC Mondays and Tuesdays from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. ET. Episodes are available for next-day streaming on Hulu.

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